Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jail for Hillary?

        The first option is that Hillary is totally innocent.  She does claim it is all a Republican conspiracy.  If you buy that, I have a bridge to sell you. 
        The second option is that laws only apply to the poor.  If you are rich and part of the political elite, you are above the law.  Many people feel this is the case.  Even President Richard Nixon said, “If the President does it, that means it’s not illegal.”  Hillary is certainly rich and part of the political elite, so she will get a pass.
        The third option is that the political elite or establishment, both Republican and Democrat, does not want to have the public know how corrupt the establishment is so they all will give her a pass.  She will never be indicted in order to protect the integrity of the Washington DC establishment.    
        The fourth option is that she is elected President.  She will then have the power to make sure she is cleared of all charges.  She will put people in office that will do what she wants. 
        The fifth option is that Hillary does not get elected, but a Republican establishment candidate is elected.  All charges will go away for the same reason as number three.  The Washington establishment must be protected. 
        The sixth and last option is that a Republican outsider candidate is elected President.  In this scenario, Hillary will plead guilty to any possible charges, and President Obama will pardon her on his last day in office.  She must be rewarded for protecting him.
        There is no scenario that Hilary will ever serve jail time; her Teflon coating is impenetrable.  That is the nature of our present government.  Corruption is rewarded. 
        I hope that is going to change.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Marketing is Time Sensitive

        I have worked in marketing all my life.  It’s  interesting because the market is always changing.  A fortune can be spent on a study of how to most effectively market a product or service and the study may totally worthless by the time it is completed because the market has already shifted.   Consumer habits and technology are in a constant state of flux. 
        Advertising is only one small part of a marketing plan, and look at how it has changed.  There was a time when print ads in newspapers and magazines were the number one place for advertising budgets.  The effectiveness of print media was drastically altered by radio and TV.  Many advertising agencies fought this change.  
        TV advertising was very big for many years when there were only a few channels and everything was watched live.  Today there are hundreds of channels.  With the exception of the news and sports, I record everything, and when I watch, I skip the ads.  TV ads are not effective if no one sees them.  Super Bowl ads would be the exception, but those ads cost millions. 
        Computers, cell phones, the Internet, and social media have changed marketing and advertising.  Technology is constantly changing.  An Internet marketing tool may work great the first time and continually lose effectiveness with every succeeding campaign.  
        Promoting books is a good example.  One site may be very effective at promoting an author’s book, but loses effectiveness as the site has more competition and the novelty wears off for the consumer.
       I have seen new start-up businesses spend their entire marketing budget on an impressive website and believe that customers will flock to them.  A web site alone will not work; something has to direct the customer to the web site. 
        The tools and the media change, but the basics for marketing and advertising never change.  For example, the guideline for newspaper advertising stated that; an ad had to run three times for the consumer to see it, six times for the consumer the read it, and nine times for the consumer to remember it.  This is still true today.  An ad in any media will not produce significant results with a one-time exposure. 
        A complete market plan must be developed with an adequate budget for implementation.  For more about marketing, visit http://BusinessFits.com.
        Marketing of political candidates is the same in many ways.  The big difference is that results don’t have to justify the money spent on the campaign.  Big money will donate to all candidates and both parties; because they want to cover all their bases and receive the special consideration they are buying regardless of who wins.  They know their return on investment will be good as long as they can keep big government and the political elite in power. 
        This election may bring about real change.  Campaign tactics have changed.  Big money may not be able to guarantee an establishment candidate.  The establishment and big money are afraid of losing control.  We could actually have a fed-up public elect someone who will work for the people and not big government.
     As Lincoln said in the Gettysburg address, “…that the government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”  I hope we are there before it is too late.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Need to Find a Business That Can't Fail

        “I need to find a business that can’t fail,” is one of the myths I address in my book, Business Fits.  There is no such thing.  No single business fits every person’s goals and talents.  No business fits in every area.  No business fits every individual’s investment guidelines. 
        Even if there were a business model that couldn’t fail, that business could still fail if the owner doesn’t follow the business system.  For example, if a business is dependant on direct mail for customers and the owner doesn’t send out any direct mail, the business will fail.
        The most common error is to think the product or service is so good and in such high demand, that customers will flock to the business. This is hardly ever true.  The potential customer may never know the product or service is even available without the right marketing. 
        A business might be right for Joe Blow who is an extrovert and loves talking to people and enjoys selling.  The same business could be a total disaster for Jane Doe who is an introvert and hates to sell.  Please note, I never mentioned a product or service.  It is irrelevant.

        For more about how to find the right business for you, go to:  http://BusinessFits.com

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

False Claims

       I have a couple decades of experience with franchising both on the franchisor side and as a franchisee.  Franchising is highly regulated, and the franchisor is prohibited from making earnigs claims of any kind except for Item 19 in the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular or UFOC.
      Anything that can be interpreted as an earnings claim outside of Item 19 in the UFOC is subject to both state and federal penalties, and civil actions.  I recently looked at a new franchise’s web site.  The site said, on average, a 100% Return-On-Investment was achieved in XX months.  This was definitly an earnings claim and illegal.  Learn more about franchising and UFOCs in Business Fits.   


     Any business that makes false advertising claims is subject to civil actions and sometimes criminal charges.  Why do we not hold out government bureaucrats and politicians to the same standard?  We expect and accept politicians lying, and worse yet, these lies are believed.  Public servants should be held to a higher standard.
       The media and advertisers should be held liable for political false statements just like any other business.   This false advertising is more damaging to the general population than any false product or service advertising. 
      Super PACs seem to have no responsibility or liability to anyone including the political candidate they are supporting.  PAC is an acronym for Political Action Committee. I find it disgusting when a political candidate claims to have no control over the Super PAC.
     Political ads directed at the youth vote are some of the worst. They are so slanted and untrue that I find them offensive to my intelligence.  However, these false ads must be effective or money would not be spent on them.  IF these blatant lies are effective, what does it say about the political intelligence of our youth?
           Why do we accept that politicians lie?  They should be liable for their lies just like any business.  If they make the lies in Congress, I think they should also be charged with perjury.  Any statement in Congress should be considered to be under oath.
        There is one candidate, and only one, that agrees with everything I have just said.  If you agree with what I have said, I am sure you are voting for that person.  If you don’t know who it is, do some research.
       I hear people say that a Presidential candidate must be able to unify the party.  This is true for both Democrats and Republicans.  Personally, I could care less about uniting either party.  We have too much partisan division now.  I want a Presidential candidate that will unite the country including independents and people that have not been involved in politics before.
       Dr. Ben Carson and others have expressed an opinion that the Republican establishment would rather have Hillary Clinton win than Donald Trump because Clinton would preserve big government and Washington power.  This is scary considering they would be giving up their conservative principles and the Supreme Court for a generation.