Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rapid Dog

It was very sad when Old Yeller had to be shot after contracting rabies, but it was necessary.  Old Yeller could not be cured of the disease and could cause the death of other people and animals. 
I have never seen a rabid dog, but I did have a young rabid raccoon charge me once.  I was bailing hay for my brother-in-law and I saw this young coon coming towards me.  It was very cute, but I was alerted when it charged me with an unsteady and crooked run.  I jumped out of it’s way and it ran into a grove of trees.  I told my brother-in-law and we found the coon.  By this time the coon was foaming at the mouth.  We shot the animal and burned the carcass so no other animals could be infected. 
It was a shame to shoot Old Yeller or that cute little coon, but necessary.  Neither could be returned to their former health and mental stare.  It is just as naive to think we can contain, convert, mentor, negotiate with, or reason with a Muslim that has been radicalized.  They feel it is their religious calling at all costs. 
I would have a better chance of convincing you to disavow and abandon your family, country and religion.  It’s just not going to happen.  I have heard some liberals make the ignorant statement that we just need to give them jobs.  We have a better chance of curing a rabies infected animal, than changing a radical Islam by giving him work.
Old Yeller was confined to a corn crib, shot, and burned.  Radicalized Islams must be contained in interment camps, imprisoned, or killed.  There is no other option if we are to protect our country’s future.  How many people must die before we recognize the fact that we are at war with radical Islam?  This is a war like we have never had to fight before, and we had better recognize that fast, before it’s too late.    

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Penalty Must Stop the Crime

       I was once the manager for a manufacturing plant that made pickup covers.  These covers were for an eight foot pickup box so they were over eight feet long counting the forward slant and rear door handles.  Legally these covers could not be hauled crossways when shipped as they would make the load over eight feet wide.  A wide-load permit could not be obtained because they could be legally transported lengthways. 
       The problem was that 23 covers would fit on 40’ trailer crossways and only 19 if hauled lengthways.  The fine for the over-width load was usually around $50, and the drivers were seldom stopped and fined.  Putting four extra covers on a trailer saved freight.  We could afford to pay a fine on every load and still make money. 
       Once a driver was stopped at a weigh station and not allowed to move until the load was legal.  He was partially empty and hired other drivers to help him rearrange the load.  Only one time in two years was a driver stopped with a full load and not allowed to proceed.  That time cost us, since he was in another state and we had to send a pickup and small trailer to make the load legal. 
       The $50 fine clearly was not enough to stop the crime. The reward was greater than the risk.  If the drivers were always stopped and not allowed to proceed, or if the fine had been $500 and frequent, we would not have broken the law.
      The penalty often does not deter the crime in this country.  Corporate executives break the law to enhance their bonuses, and are never prosecuted.  Instead, the corporation pays fines that end up costing the stockholders and consumers.
       The rewards for drug dealers far exceed the risk and penalties, so they continue selling illegal drugs.  These drugs destroy people’s lives, homes, and the future of children in the home.  Taxpayers bear the cost of that destruction.
       We have regulations that hurt small business, and help big business because big business can and do buy the politicians.  Small business must often ignore the regulations or go out of business.  The entrepreneur and small business is what made this country great.  We should be encouraging them.  Now big government shuts down many small businesses, and discourages new small business start-ups.
       Illegal immigrants are breaking the law and usually face no penalty.  Instead, they are rewarded with free education and many government benefits.  Legal immigrants and taxpaying citizens pay the cost of not securing our borders and not enforcing our immigration laws. 
       Politicians, sports stars, celebrities, and the super rich consider themselves above the law and seldom pay a penalty for breaking the law.  They simply deny and cover-up the crime.  They need to face severe penalties that make them adhere to the laws.
       This great country is a country of laws.  These laws must be enforced equally for all.  The penalty must be adequate to discourage the crime.  We seem to have lost sight of this in many cases.  This is egregiously unfair to all the hard working citizens who do obey the law. 
        We must reduce the size of the federal government, and stop the unfair political advantage of big business.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rehabilitate Islamic Terrorists?

There was an article in the Sunday, November 8, 2015 Pioneer Press titled “Should U.S. help terror suspects in return to society?”  According to this article there are 350 Islamic terrorists in our prisons today.  We cannot turn Islamic terrorists loose in society, but what is the solution?
Our prisons are a great venue for recruiting Islamic terrorists.  Recruiting someone to the Islamic State is not like a missionary converting someone to a peaceful religion.  Radical Islam advocates “death to all infidels.”
Rehabilitation should be a primary goal of our prisons.  People can and should be treated for drug and alcohol addictions.  Inmates can be taught new job skills so they can be productive members of society when released.   Juvenile offenders should be the most receptive to rehabilitation. 
Not all prisoners can be rehabilitated.  Serial killers and pedophiles are two examples of offenders that should never be released on society.  Islamic terrorists should never be released either.  They should be incarcerated, deported, or executed.
We now have Islamic terrorist serving as little as five to twenty years.  They will then be released on society to continue their religious war.  Some juvenile Islamic terrorists are never incarcerated.  This is wrong.   
Islamic terrorists do not consider themselves criminals.  They are fighting a religious war.  Even a juvenile Islamic terrorist will cut your head off, your children’s heads, your grandchildren’s heads, and the heads of your entire family with no remorse.  He thinks he is doing God’s work.   I hope some liberal idiots don’t have to experience this personally to see the light.
I get so sick of political correctness protecting all Muslims including Islamic terrorists.  Our White House won’t even say the words Islamic terrorists.   Muslim mosques should be preaching peace and reporting anyone advocating violence, but most Muslims look the other way.  Muslims protecting Islamic terrorists is just as wrong as the police protecting bad police officers.  Both may be in the minority, but should be held accountable for their actions.  Criticizing the police is in vogue, but it is not acceptable to criticize the Muslims or the Islamic State. 
We are in a religious war with Islam and we better accept this fact before it is too late.  Islamic terrorists cannot be treated as other criminals in our prisons.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


      I normally refer to NBC and their affiliates MSNBC and CNBC as the government networks.  They are so biased in support of the current liberal President and his followers that I usually refuse to watch any political news these networks.  They are either totally incompetent or intentionally report lies. 
Because of this network bias, I had mixed emotions about watching the Republican debates on CNBC last week, but I couldn’t help myself.  I watched it and was appalled.  The moderators were more interested in stating their political agenda than asking pertinent questions.  That wouldn’t have been so bad if they could have at least gotten their facts correct.  The moderators were not only inaccurate, they were biased, rude, and incompetent. 
It may be hard to pick a winner of the debate, but the clear loser was CNBC.  There is no excuse for a moderator calling one of the leading candidates a comic book character.  I commend all the Republican presidential candidates for not falling for any of the moderator’s traps.  The candidates were obviously much more intelligent. 
The debate may have been one of worst examples of media bias I have seen in a debate, but not the worst.  Candi Crolick supporting Obama in a lie and telling Romney he was wrong was the worst travesty I have seen.  In my opinion, Crolick should never have been allowed to work in the news or TV again.  But the liberal left loved her lying and breaking all the debate moderator rules. 
We have to accept the fact that the lame stream media and especially NBC is like a super pack for the liberal.  Telling lies is okay as long as they achieve their objective.
There are a couple things I don’t understand.  The Republican National Committee had to know this would be a biased and disrespectful event on CNBC, so why did they approve it?
This debate was obviously a huge moneymaker for CNBC.  Why would any individual or corporation that wants the best interested of this country buy ads on CNBC and support this debacle? 
Until We The People hurt the lame stream in the pocket book, they will continue to promote their political agenda and not report the news accurately.  We must stop watching these biased networks so ratings and advertising revenues decline.  It’s time to take control of our country.