Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Church and State

        I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas holiday.  The birth of Christ is the most celebrated day in the Christian religion.  I am surprised by some surveys that show many people do not recognize Christmas as a religious holiday.  Despite that, I think I heard more Merry Christmas and less Happy Holidays this year.  I hope it was not just my imagination. 
        I am so thankful we have a President who is using and promoting the Merry Christmas greeting.  It is good to have the Christian religion and prayer return to the White House. 
            We need more Christian morality in today’s world.  Our founding fathers knew that the republic they formed had little chance of success without Christian morality.  Christians do recognize the rights of people to follow other religions as long as that religion is peaceful and does not infringe on the laws of man and God.
        Liberals talk about the separation of church and state, but our founding fathers never wanted to take religion out of government.  They just did not want the government to dictate religion or restrict people’s freedom of religious expression.  They even allowed states to have an official religion.
      The First Amendment to the Constitution was meant to guarantee religious freedom of expression and not restrict that right.  Let's stop restricting Christians' freedom of expression.  We have gotten off track and allow discrimination against Christians. 

God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Trump is No Politician

        Donald Trump had never run for office before and he didn’t fit the profile of a career politician.  The Washington DC insiders complain he does not know how government works.  I think he has a great understanding of how things worked in the past and hopes to drain the swamp.
        People say he has no experience in government.  That may be true, but he has more management experience than any President in a hundred years, with the possible exception of President Eisenhower. 
        The liberal left says Trump has a history of not telling the truth.  I am not sure how that idea has any merit.  He says what he thinks and does what he says.  That is part of why he gets in trouble with the media.  Trump is totally transparent.  He does not worry about being politically correct.  The media reads something negative into everything he says.  Trump doesn’t have hidden meanings like most career politicians.
        The lame stream media is totally out of control.  They have no problem fabricating news stories about trump.  There have been more retractions about “mistakes” the media has made covering Trump in eleven months than there were about Obama in eight years.  There is no way this fake news can be called mistakes. 
        An even bigger problem is that the liberal left only remembers the fake news and not the retraction.  They only want  to hear what fits their agenda and are willing to ignore the facts.
        Trump is very a untraditional politician because he refuses to be beholden to any campaign donors.  Since he is not obligated to any special interest groups, he can actually work in the best interests of all the citizens of this great sovereign republic.
        Trump tries to keep his campaign promises.  I can see why this kind of radical behavior is disliked by most career politicians.  How dare he?
        Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a great example.  The three previous Presidents all promised to do this, but none of them kept their promise.  It has created some controversy, but maybe it is time to shake things up.  Peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine have not made any progress in decades. 
        Trump is also unique as a politician because he puts the people of this great country above the Party.  He ran as a Republican, but is not a party-line politician.  I can see why so many Republican politicians try to undermine his efforts.     The current Democratic Party would fight Trump at every turn even if he found a cure for cancer.  They have to get over the fact that Hilary lost and start working for the people they represent.

        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Corrupt FBI & DOJ

        I am not saying that everyone who works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice are corrupt.  Most are honest government employees that work hard to enforce the laws and keep us safe from both foreign and domestic dangers.  But, we have a problem with the top management of both organizations.  I can no longer defend the integrity of either agency.
      The DOJ and the FBI are the federal governments top law enforcement agencies.  Both should be totally professional and nonpartisan.  This has changed over the last eight years.  Politicians and government bureaucrats are no longer treated impartially.   
        I knew we had a problem with the political elite, Washington DC insiders, the deep state, the swamp, or whatever name you want to use, but I had no idea how corrupt they had become.  This problem seems to have gotten totally out of control.  It will be nearly impossible to correct because the swamp protects its own. 
        Both these organizations have gone off track because they were trying to protect Hilary Clinton, who the media and political analysts presumed would be the next President.  Giving her special treatment seemed to be the smart political (if not legal) move at the time.  If they did their job and she was elected, their career would be over.  It would have been embarrassing if her inauguration had to be delayed until she got out of jail. 
        If Hillary had been elected as expected, everything would have been covered up and the public would never have been the wiser.  The problem was that the people of this great county have had enough of the political establishment and elected Donald Trump President.  Now the FBI, DOJ, Hillary and Obama were in trouble and had to scramble to cover up their corruption.  They chose a tactic of trying to discredit Trump in any way possible.   Will it work or will they be held accountable?
      James Comey, Peter Strzok, Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, Lorette Lynch, and Eric Holder, to name a few, are all guilty of Obstruction of Justice at the very least.  They all should be held accountable.  If people do not go to jail, bureaucrats will assume this kind of corruption is acceptable. 
        The FBI and DOJ are run by appointed bureaucrats that are not elected, and operate with little or no supervision or accountability to anyone.  They do not even honor requests for information from Congress.  This has to change. 
        President Trump promised to clean up the swamp, but he has to have some help.  I am disappointed with the current Attorney General and FBI Director.  Will people go to jail so we can drain the swamp, or will it all just go away so the Washington establishment can continue business as usual?

        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Business Myths 2017

        I did a blog on business myths in 2013.  I continue to see many entrepreneurs making the same mistakes today.  I felt it relevant to repeat the blog.  Today’s economic and business climate make going into business for yourself very attractive, but be careful to select the right business to fit you personally. 
In my book Business Fits: How to Find the Right Business for You! I have a chapter called “Myths about Starting a Business.” The myths discussed are:

·       Starting a business is too risky.  A good job is the only real security.

·       Start small and grow.

·       Banks make business loans.

·       Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.

·       I will know the right business when I see it.

·       I need to find a business that can’t fail.

·       Why should I pay a franchise fee and continuing royalty for something I can do myself?

·       Do what you know and love and you will be a success.

If any of these business myths peaks your interest, you can order Business Fits at: https://www.createspace.com/4290991

        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.   

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


        Norm Brodsky had an article titled “The Temptation to Lie” in the November 2017 issue of INC.  In the article, Brodsky gave an example of a client who had valued inventory in his business at full retail and listed nonexistent prepaid expenses on his balance sheet.  He did this to show an inflated value for his company in an effort to secure banks loans. 
     Brodsky told the client not to show the balance sheet to the bank because it could be considered fraud.  Fraud, an extreme form of dishonesty, can send an individual to jail.
      We hear about large corporations playing games with financial books for a variety of reasons.  Top management may play with the books to inflate profits and generate bonuses for themselves.  These people should go to jail, but they seldom do.
      In my book, Business Fits, I point out that no one in business should ever lie to a customer.  This should be the first rule of sales, service, and customer relations. 
      Honesty is a moral issue for me.  It is the way I was raised.  My Dad was a tenant farmer and never had a lot of money, but his word was very important to him.  Dad farmed the place I was raised on for sixteen years.  He farmed the land with nothing but a handshake after the first or second year.
       Being honest in both our personal and work lives is very important, so why do we give politicians a pass to lie?  Most people think it is okay for politicians to lie when they are campaigning.  Many politicians say totally different things to different groups or in different states and make no attempt to keep any of those promises once they get elected. 
      Other politicians seem to feel they are above the law and have no obligation to conduct themselves in a moral manner.  I am disgusted to learn that Congress has a slush fund to compensate and silence individuals that have been sexually mistreated by Congressmen.  A gag order for the victims is part of the settlement and the settlement is paid with taxpayer money.  This is wrong on so many levels!
      The worst thing that happens to most Senators or Representatives is that they are subjected to an ethics investigation.  The most extreme penalty following most ethics investigations is a letter of reprimand.  It is shameful how the swamp protects its own.
       This kind of conduct must stop.  We have to clean up the Washington DC swamp.  Thank God we now have a President who attempts to keep his campaign promises and is committed to draining the swamp.   

     God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Vote the Party Line

        Our two political parties have become so polarized that they hurt the American people.  The only things they seem to have in common is to obstruct the other party, grow the size of the federal government, and increase the power of the Washington DC swamp. 
        People talk about working “across the isle.”  The parties are even seated on opposite sides in the House and Senate like opponents.  They should be seated alternately, so every Democrat has a Republican on both sides and every Republican has a Democrat on both sides.  Maybe if they were forced to talk to each other they would work for the good of the country instead of only for their self interests.
        The Republicans control the white house and both branches of Congress, and they have not been able to repeal Obama Care or pass tax reform.  Conservatives are frustrated that Republicans have not voted the party line and passed both.  I too am frustrated, but I respect the discussion of dissenting Republicans who may actually be trying to represent the state that elected them.  This debate is good. 
        What makes me mad is the Democrats totally voting the party line to spite the President and the Republicans.  I don’t believe a single Democrat has voted for tax reform.  This is crazy considering they call themselves the party of the people. 
        The proposed tax reform bills are not perfect and don’t benefit every individual, but in general they all will reduce taxes for working Americans and will stimulate the economy and producing jobs.  I would prefer the Fair Tax, but I understand it is too radical a step and too hard to explain at this time.
        The fact that not one Democrat has supported tax reform clearly shows that they are more interested in promoting the party and the political elite than they are in helping the forgotten Americans.  I hope the Democratic Party wakes up, because President Trump is doing what he promised and working Americans will see the results in spite of the Democratic Party and the Washington DC swamp. 
        The American people have had enough, and that is the number one reason Donald Trump was elected President.  He seldom is politically correct and he doesn’t care if he offends people.  He tells it like it is and tries to do what he promised.  He is truly the most transparent President we have had in decades.
        It will be very interesting to see how far this populous movement goes.  It could go a long way, because the progressive movement has been going the wrong direction for over a century.   

        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017


        Negotiating a deal is an art.  This is true in both the public and private sector.  Good negotiation requires risk and reward.  A good negotiator must also know when to walk away.  
        In the early 70’s we had a pop machine in Lee Motors.  This machine dispensed a bottle of pop for 10¢.  This was a service for our customers and our employees.  We did not make any money from pop sales and probably lost money. 
        School children would come in for a 10¢ pop and then sneak out with the bottle.  They would then take the empty bottle across the street to the grocery store where they could get 5¢ for the empty.  We let them think they were getting away with something. 
        We owned the pop machine and stocked it ourselves, but we had a bottler deliver the pop once a week.  At the time I was addicted to Sun Drop pop.  Sun Drop has a high caffeine and sugar content so was probably not the healthiest drink.  Their slogan was “Refreshing as a cup of coffee.”
        When I bought the dealership, there was no Sun Drop in the machine.  This was totally unacceptable for me.  I asked the bottler to supply it.  I can’t remember if the bottler was Coke or Pepsi, but whichever it was they told me they could not supply Sun Drop because it was in direct competition with one of their other products.  I politely said “Fine, I understand.  Take all of your products out.”  It was fun to see how quickly the bottle decided they could supply Sun Drop. 
        In business, you must be willing to walk if you want the best deal.  The same is true in politics and especially in international relations.  President Trump wrote a book called The Art of the Deal.  He knows how to negotiate. 
        President Trump is willing to walk on trade deals with foreign countries if the deal is not good for the United States.  With rogue countries it is even more important.  Good negotiation is not possible if military action is taken off the table.  Rogue countries like Iran and North Korea are a threat to world peace.  Thank God we now have a President capable and willing to address these problems which have been ignored for years. 

        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

See Something - Say Somrthing

          There  was  another terrorist  attack in New York.   Eight  people died.   Is  this  the  new normal?   If we don't  take appropriate  action these terrorists attacks will continue and become more frequent.
       This time, the weapon was a flatbed pickup rented from Home Depot, a tactic recommended by ISIS.  There are  idiots still blaming guns in spite of the fact that the terrorist was only armed with a paint gun and a pellet gun.  A cry for gun control is an attempt by the left to do away with the second amendment and has nothing to do with protecting us from terrorists.
        I am tired of all the politicians trying to get air time to promote themselves after one of these attacks.  They spout all these nice platitudes about how we are not going to let these terrorists disrupt our lives. 
        The most annoying are the idiots who say we just need to listen to the terrorists, try to understand them, and love them.  This is a war.  They want to kill us.
        One of our greatest potential defenses is See Something – Say Something.   This would be true, but is has zero chance of being successful.  We have become too politically correct to protect ourselves. 
        When someone suspects a potential terrorist, they are afraid to say something because they will be called an Islamophobic, and they fear being shunned and ridiculed.  It could mean the end of their career.  Someone knew about the danger of every terrorist attack in this country before it was committed, but was afraid to say something.
        Even other Muslims will not say anything for the same reason of being shunned or ridiculed.  They also could face potential physical retribution for outing a radical Islam.   There are also Muslims who support the violent Jihad. 
        We have to wake up and recognize that we are in a religious war.  We must put an end to the dangerous political correctness. 
        Words have meaning.  Banning words that might hurt someone’s feelings does not change human nature.  It only widens racial, religious, and sexual divisions.  This is like ignoring history.  We need to start learning from history and not trying to change it.
·       We are at war. 
·       We need to stop the extreme political correctness. 
·       We have to secure our boarders.
·       We must properly vet immigrants. 
·       We must support our military and police, and give them the tools and freedom to do their job. 
·       We must say something if we see something. 

        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Taxpayers' Manifesto

        I just read Taxpayers’ Manifesto by Daniel J. Hushek.  I don’t remember who gave me this book, but it is fantastic.  The foresight of Mr. Hushek is amazing since it was written in 1992 and much of the data is as old as 1984.
        His predictions of what was happening to our country and where we were heading are amazing.  He addresses topics and issues like: 
·       Democracy
·       The Law
·       Politicians – The New Aristocrats
·       Labor and Labor Unions
·       Fair – What’s Fair
·       Liberal vs. Conservative
·       The United Nations
·       Foreign Policy
·       Crime and Punishment
·       Gun Control
·       Economics, Capitalism, Free Enterprise
·       Minorities
·       Education
·       Religion
·       Public Transportation
·       The Military
·       Welfare
·       The Environment
·       Racism
·       The Media

        Mr. Hushek continually talks about government spending, taxation, and deficits, but points out that spending is the problem and the other two are just symptoms of the problem.  I am sure he is appalled by the growth in the size of government we have seen since he wrote this book. 
         I will give you one quote from the book. 

Remember further that up to this point (1992) the politicians and bureaucrats have been very successful at keeping us at each others throats with such typical contentions as:
          Republicans        vs.     Democrats
          Black                    vs.     White
          Catholic               vs.     Protestant
          Young                 vs.     Senior citizens
          Capital                 vs.     Labor
          Consumer            vs.     Retailer
          Utilities               vs.     Users
          Doctors               vs.     Patients
          Police                  vs.     Civilians
I could go on and on.  But remember these contentions were instituted by politicians and they will be coming up with new ways to divide us into factions to keep us diverted from the main issue which is government spending.  Don’t kid yourself one moment.  The politicians and bureaucrats know that once we recognize the only real contention they cannot benefit from is:      Taxpayer vs. Tax beneficiary

          Mr. Hushek points out how increasing the size of government has made most of the country’s problems worse instead of better, and he doesn’t worry about being politically correct.    He points out that government can do very few things better than the private sector. 
        I am not sure this book is still in print, but if you can find one, it is certainly worth a read.  It is also available as an eBook download.
        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Career Choices

        We all make choices in life.  Our career choices are some of the most important.  The first choices are deciding on a school or learning a trade.  Some people go to a four year collage and never learn anything practical except for going on to teach.  We don’t need any more art history majors.
        There is also a choice of working in the public or private sector.  In the past, the advantage of working in the public sector was job security and the disadvantage was less compensation.  Compensation is now comparable with the growth of government, but security may change if the size of government decreases.  Government employees may be held more accountable for their performance in the future.  Taxpayers deserve this. 
        There are two choices in the private sector.  We have the option of a job or self-employment.  My dad was a tenant farmer and felt working for a large corporation was the best security.  With changes in our economy including mergers and acquisitions, a job is not always secure. 
        Self-employment presents many options.  The first is starting a business from scratch.  That option sounds very romantic, but also has the highest failure rate.   The biggest problem is that people start a business because of a personal perception of a product or service with little or no consideration of what their role in the business will be.
        Buying an existing business is the second option.  If it is a good viable business, the price will include blue sky.  There is a history, but does that history guarantee future earnings?
        There many business opportunities including multi-level   marketing opportunities.  Be careful of these as there is little or no regulation covering these opportunities.  Buyer
beware.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
        The last option for self-employment is a franchise.  This option provides many options and is one reason I usually ask clients to look at franchises.  There is a franchise business model to fit almost every goal.  There is more to franchises than just flipping hamburgers.
        There are options to own one franchise, multiple franchises, area development, or be a regional franchisor.  There are franchise business systems to fit almost anyone’s strengths and weaknesses.  There are business models with and without employees.  Some business models require a lot of sales ability and some don’t.
        Some franchises simply provide a job.  An owner of a franchise may be working full-time in the business, or work full-time managing the business, or part-time, or an absentee owner with a full-time job.  A good franchise provides a proven business system.  No guesswork.
        Thanks to President Trump, the opportunities for starting or buying a business are better than they have been in decades.  If you have ever thought of owning a business, start your investigation now.  Start by reading Business Fits, which is available on Amazon. 

        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Career Politician

    Our Founding Fathers were intelligent and perceptive beyond belief when they formed this great republic.  They did make one mistake.  They did not anticipate or protect us against the career politician.  They assumed our elected leaders would be selected by their peers and would receive only minimal compensation.  They would truly be public servants.
    Today, it is hard to call many elected officials public servants.  The number one objective of career politicians is to get elected and reelected.  Serving the people is way down on their list of priorities.  Wealth and power rank much higher. 
        The career politician is at the center of the political elite in the Washington DC swamp.  The lobbyists and big political donors all bid for their vote.  Many votes are bought and paid for.  This is very apparent when looking at an obstructionist like Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
        Donald Trump’s election as President was a populous revolution.  This revolution was so quiet that political analysts and the media did not see it coming.  It happened in the voting booth.  People are fed up with big government.
        I can see why the career politician, the political elite, big money, and the lame stream media are afraid of Trump.  They don’t trust the working people and they don’t want to lose control.  If the populous revolution continues, the media and big money will no longer be able to control elections and it could be the end of the career politician.  It could be the end of the bloated Washington government of today. 

        I hope the populous revolution continues and the career politician disappears.  I am reminded of the joke where a kid tells his father he is choosing a career of crime, and the father’s response is “public or private sector?”

        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Racial Divide

        Why do  blacks, liberals,  politicians  and  the media continue to deepen the racial divide?
        NFL players disrespecting the American flag, National Anthem, country, military, police, and veterans only hurt the black cause.  People are not sympathetic when they are disrespected.  That is only common sense.
        I don’t care about the opinions of rich, spoiled athletes, singer, or actors, until they disrespect and offend me and my country.  Their only purpose in life is to entertain.  They seem to have no other knowledge or common sense.
        Politicians divide the country racially in order to gain votes and maintain power.  How long are we going to put up with this?  We are all Americans.
        We see blacks rioting and destroying their own neighborhoods.  How can this help eliminate the racial divide?  It just makes them look stupid. 
        People like Al Sharpton make a good living and gain a lot of fame and fortune by deepening the racial divide. We have to stop listening to these people. 
        We have city politicians that have promised to help distressed urban areas in order to gain votes and all they do is enslave the residents to a life of crime or welfare.  How do these politicians continue to win reelection?
        Black Lives Matters disrespect the police when the police are the most important force protecting their lives and property.  Can we blame police for not wanting to be proactive in urban areas? 
        We had a black President who immediately took the black side in any black/white incident without any consideration of the facts.  It is hard not to call this racist.  He set race relations back two decades. 
        Liberal whites must stop supporting black protests, demonstrations, and riots.  All they are doing is deepening the racial divide. 
        Minorities are given preference for jobs and in schools.  How does this make people feel we are all equal?  Many minorities have been discriminated against in the past, but we can’t change history.  We all have to move forward as Americans without preference or discrimination. 
        All minorities must lead productive lives and be responsible.  This is the only way they can be accepted as truly equal.  Protests, demonstrations, and violence are counterproductive. 

        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Heart Attack

         I hadn’t written a post for this week because I had a couple distractions.  I am 73 years old and thought I was in good health.  I had never even taken any prescription medications. 
        Last Wednesday and Thursday I had what I thought was some bad indigestion and some bouts of sweating;  I did the antacid and Alka-Seltzer routine.   I now know I was having a heart attack.  Marla kept asking me if I wanted to go to the hospital.  Even our dog was trying to tell me I was in trouble, by clinging to my every move.
        Since I have been blessed with such good health, I am big on getting a good night’s sleep and trusting that everything will be good in the morning.  If I had gone to bed Thursday night, I might not be writing this.
        About 9:00 PM I finally let Marla take me to the Emergency at Lakeveiw in Rice Lake.  I told them my symptoms.  I had some pain in my left arm and left side of my neck by then.  I was rushed into an exam room where two people started an initial exam.  They gave some kind exclamation and the room immediately was filled with what seemed to be about eight people.  Everyone knew exactly what they were doing and a helicopter was ordered to transport me to Sacred Heart hospital in Eau Claire
        After I arrived in Eau Claire, one of the EMTs on the helicopter called Marla to let her know that I had made it to Sacred Heart and was in surgery.  The surgery to put a stent in my heart was a success. 
        The nurses checked on me every 15 minutes that night, and about 4:00 AM my femoral artery, where they had gone in, sprung a leak.  As soon as it was discover, my room filled with people again.  Everyone knew exactly what they were doing. 
        I spent Friday in the hospital and was released on Saturday.  I will have some rehab, but feel good.  Thanks to Marla and all the medical staff who saved my life. 
        Being in good health does not make you invincible.  Unknown health problem can kill you.  Learn the signs of a heart attack and listen to your loved ones. 


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Get Out of the Way

        The people of this country elected Donald Trump President.  They agreed with his agenda.  They didn’t elect a Republican or a Democrat.  They elected Trump.
        Politicians in Washington DC need to recognize this fact.  The people want to drain the swamp.  They are tired of the political elite doing business as usual.  They are tired of partisan politics, growing government, earmarks and deal making.  They are tired of organizations like the FBI and IRS having political agendas.  It has to stop.  Politicians that don’t recognize this will be gone.  They need to start doing their job or get out of the way. 
        The people of this great country recognize the liberal left, the lame stream media and the Hollywood celebrities for the idiots they are. Not all are idiots.  Some are doing it for personal financial gain.  Al Sharpton is a great example.  He promotes racial unrest for personal reasons.  He has to know he is hurting the black community and the country, but he doesn’t care.
        The Democratic Party seems to have no agenda except to obstruct Trump.  They don’t care if they protect political felons or hurt the country in the process.  I don’t know if the party can survive if they don’t change and start serving the people.   
        The Republican Party is almost as bad at obstructing President Trump.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and US Attorney General Jeff Sessions are just three examples of Republicans who need to start doing their job or get out of the way.  
        On the world stage, The United Nations needs to start doing their job or get out of the way.  This organization has been controlled by a lot of corrupt third world, dictators.  This has to change.  We don’t need a world government and worldwide wealth distribution.  We need world peace.  The UN may have to go the way of the League of Nations if it doesn’t do its job.  The United States cannot continue to fund it if it doesn’t shape up.
        We have a serious problem with Iran and North Korea that the last three Presidents (Obama, Bush & Clinton) all refused to deal with.  All three just kicked the problem down the road or made it worse.  President Trump has now clearly established himself as the world’s leader.  He will deal with the problem. 
        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

             Immigrants built this great country, so where have we gone wrong?  What we are doing certainly is not working.
        The first mistake was the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.  The first part of this Amendment gives citizenship to anyone born in this country.  The intent was to give the children of slaves citizenship.  Current liberal interpretation gives citizenship to the children born in this country to parents who are illegal immigrants.  If the children are US citizens, deporting the parents now breaks up the family.  This interpretation promotes and encourages illegals to come to this country to give birth. 
        Congress and the President have given amnesty to illegal immigrants in the past along with the promise of securing our boarders and enforcing our immigration laws.  Neither has happened.  We are clearly encouraging additional illegal immigration.
        The current political controversy with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is a classic example of poor government decisions in the past.  These kids are referred to as Dreamers.  Most people do not want to deport them at this time, but why were they allowed into the country in the first place and why were they allowed to stay?  If they are granted citizenship or amnesty at this time, it will only encourage future illegal immigration of children.  There is already an increase in illegal children coming into the country because of DACA. 
        The DACA program was an executive order and is obviously unconstitutional.  The only option President Trump had was to send it to Congress. That does not mean he wants to deport the Dreamers.  This may be the only home they have ever known.  There is also a problem deporting their illegal parents as that will break up the family.
        Building the wall and securing our borders is an essential first step in solving our illegal immigration problem.  If the Dreamers or other illegal immigrants are given a path to citizenship, it must be guaranteed this is the last time and it will never happen again under any circumstances.
        We must also guarantee that allowing the Dreamers to stay does not lead to a chain reaction of allowing other illegal immigrants to stay in this country.  We must enforce or change our immigration laws.  The Executive Branch of our government does not have the legal option of selecting which laws they want to enforce. 
        Sanctuary cities must stop encouraging illegal immigration.  A sanctuary city by definition is illegal under our Constitution.  Withholding federal funds is a first step, but some city officials should go to jail, as they are committing a felony.
        How did this country ignore our laws and Constitution regarding immigration for so long that created this mess?   We created the problem and have to learn from the past.  It is time for some real change in government.  It is time to build a wall and drain the DC swamp.  That is why the people elected Donald Trump President.
        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.