Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Corrupt FBI & DOJ

        I am not saying that everyone who works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice are corrupt.  Most are honest government employees that work hard to enforce the laws and keep us safe from both foreign and domestic dangers.  But, we have a problem with the top management of both organizations.  I can no longer defend the integrity of either agency.
      The DOJ and the FBI are the federal governments top law enforcement agencies.  Both should be totally professional and nonpartisan.  This has changed over the last eight years.  Politicians and government bureaucrats are no longer treated impartially.   
        I knew we had a problem with the political elite, Washington DC insiders, the deep state, the swamp, or whatever name you want to use, but I had no idea how corrupt they had become.  This problem seems to have gotten totally out of control.  It will be nearly impossible to correct because the swamp protects its own. 
        Both these organizations have gone off track because they were trying to protect Hilary Clinton, who the media and political analysts presumed would be the next President.  Giving her special treatment seemed to be the smart political (if not legal) move at the time.  If they did their job and she was elected, their career would be over.  It would have been embarrassing if her inauguration had to be delayed until she got out of jail. 
        If Hillary had been elected as expected, everything would have been covered up and the public would never have been the wiser.  The problem was that the people of this great county have had enough of the political establishment and elected Donald Trump President.  Now the FBI, DOJ, Hillary and Obama were in trouble and had to scramble to cover up their corruption.  They chose a tactic of trying to discredit Trump in any way possible.   Will it work or will they be held accountable?
      James Comey, Peter Strzok, Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, Lorette Lynch, and Eric Holder, to name a few, are all guilty of Obstruction of Justice at the very least.  They all should be held accountable.  If people do not go to jail, bureaucrats will assume this kind of corruption is acceptable. 
        The FBI and DOJ are run by appointed bureaucrats that are not elected, and operate with little or no supervision or accountability to anyone.  They do not even honor requests for information from Congress.  This has to change. 
        President Trump promised to clean up the swamp, but he has to have some help.  I am disappointed with the current Attorney General and FBI Director.  Will people go to jail so we can drain the swamp, or will it all just go away so the Washington establishment can continue business as usual?

        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


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