Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Out of Touch

        Even though registered Democrats far outnumber the number of registered Republicans in this country, the Democratic Party is in serious trouble.  It seems to be in total free fall.  Can it survive? 
        When President Obama was elected President, the democrats were in total control.  They controlled the Congress and the Presidency.  They were also in control of many state governors and state legislatures.   
        The Democrats pulled an end run with Obama in 2008 and 2012.  Obama won because he was black.  He had no qualifications, but he was black and could give a great speech as long as it was prepared for him.  A brilliant campaign slogan of Hope and Change appealed to a large portion of the population.  It said nothing, but individuals could all hope it meant the change they wanted.  Unfortunately, the change never came. 
        The Democrats thought they had a slam dunk with Hillary Clinton for President, but Trump won.  Being black had been enough to elect Obama.  They thought being a woman would pull it off again in spite of her other short comings.
        They should have looked at what had happened since 2009 when Obama took office.  Democrats have lost:
·       14 U.S. Senate seats
·       69 U.S. House seats
·       12 state governors
·       910 state legislator seats

        That is more than 1,000 elected officials that the Democratic Party has lost since Obama took office.  It is not all President Obama’s fault.  The Democratic Party is just totally out of touch. 
        The political elite thought they could control the media and how the country voted.  Democrat Party leaders and the media located in New York City and Washington DC did not have a clue what was happening in the rest of the country. 
        The people of this country are fed up with big government and politics as usual.  They want real change.  The Republican Party has benefited from this feeling of anger since 2009.  Trump recognized how determined the public was for real change before the Republican Party did.
        Trump has changed the Republican Party.  The Democratic Party will also have to change to survive, but how will they change?
        Liberals are demonstrating in the streets.  Some say this is an attempt to solidify the Democratic Party.  I think it has just the reverse affect.  These demonstrations continue to divide the country and create more unrest.
        Some Democrats want to become the new Socialist Party.  Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made a run at this.  I hope this country is too smart to turn socialist.  Historically, socialism has never worked for obvious reasons.  Most liberals advocating socialism have no idea how it will effect their freedoms and quality of life.  A quick look at Cuba should be enough of a reality check.
        The Democratic Party needs to listen to all the people and abandon the liberal Progressive big government ideas.  There was a time the Democratic Party did represent working men and women.  That is certainly not true today, buy maybe they can return to that platform. 
        I sincerely hope so.  I would love to have a Democratic candidate at the state or federal level that I could vote for.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

When to Start

         Chapter 33 in my book is When to Start.  Now is the perfect time for anyone who has ever thought of owning a business as an investment and/or self employment.   I warn people not to fall into the trap of getting ready to get ready.  That is pure procrastination.
        With Trump’s election, we can assume that the Federal Government will be more supportive to small business and business start-ups than at any time in recent history.  If you don’t agree with this, you better stay in your public sector job and hope it survives.
         If you’re starting to look into becoming a business owner while still employed, you will have to designate so many hours per day or per week, to investigate if self-employment or a business investment is right for you.
        Getting ready to get ready is no excuse.  I’ve had clients who said they had to get this or that done before they could start their investigation.  This is a classic excuse and in most cases, a safe way to avoid learning if self-employment is the right option. 
        Why would someone want to avoid making a commitment to investigate options?  A major subconscious reason is the fear of actually finding a great option that will give them the vehicle to achieve their goals.  They would then be forced to put up or shut up.  Reality can be very scary.
        When it comes right down to it, there is no right time except now.  Don’t make excuses.  Make the decision now to start gathering data.  Don’t put off this part of the process.  Everything you do will take longer than anticipated.  If you do find the right option to reach your goals you can always delay implementation, but be ready. 
        A marketing professor I had said:  “If you wait until you are 100% sure you are right, you’re wrong, because you’re too late”.  Don’t wait and miss your opportunity. 
        Deciding to go into business for yourself is premature at this time, you are only investigating options.  You may discover that owning a business isn’t right for you.  You’ll face that decision at some point in the future when you have more data and facts. 
        For more information about finding the right business for you to reach your goals, read my book, Business Fits.  It is available on Amazon as an eBook and as a paperback.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

But Trump Won

        Last week the people of this great country voted and the people won.  The political elite lost.  I was not surprised.  I had been concerned because I believed the future of the country was at risk. 
        I felt Trump could win, but I am surprised at how convincingly he won.  The people from the “deplorable basket” have spoken.  The silent majority was not silent.  They are fed up with the political elite.  This was the most consequential election in my lifetime.
        I find it amazing that the media was so surprised and considered it such an upset.  The working class of this country is fed up with corrupt big government, and Hillary represented everything they are fed up with. 
        Hillary’s campaign outspent Trump 2 to 1, and Wall Street totally supported her, but Trump still won.  Hillary had more staff and a better ground game, but Trump still won. 
        The media did every thing possible to elect Clinton.   She was continually praised and complimented.  Over 90% of all media coverage of Trump was negative, but Trump won. 
        Some states like those on the east and west coasts and Illinois are so strongly Democrat that they would vote for a convicted serial rapist/killer of children if that person was on the Democrat ticket.  Over 90% of Washington DC voted for Clinton.  I think that shows how committed they are to a corrupt big government.   But Trump won. 
        The polls predicted Clinton a winner and gave Trump little or no chance.  They expected the race to be called early.  But Trump was a clear and convincing winner.  Can the pollsters and commentators be that incompetent, or were they just trying to insure Hillary won?  I never received a call asking how I would vote.  Was this an accident or an intentional manipulation to promote Clinton?   But Trump won. 
        I work as an election inspector in our little Wisconsin township.  Wisconsin was predicted to favor Clinton.  The turnout in our township was around 90% and when we ran the tallies Trump won with more than double the votes for Clinton.  Was omitting our township from polling intentional?
        Some people voted for Clinton because she was a woman.  Some voted for her because she was a Democrat.  Some voted for her to continue the welfare society and government handouts.  Some voted for her to continue big government and protect their government jobs.  But Trump won. 
        Trump is an outsider and he may be the most non-partisan president in history.  Both political parties did everything in their power to stop him, but Trump won.  In fairness, some Republicans did support him in the end. 
        The media and the political elite could not attack Trump on the issues, his program, his business experience, or his leadership abilities, so they had to attack him as a racist, or a sexist.  They made a huge issue of any politically incorrect word or statement that he ever made.  The public is fed up with this kind of politics, and Trump won. 
        The media and political elite tried to divide the country along sex, race, and religious lines to hurt Trump, but he showed he was for all Americans and he won convincingly.  This was and is a political revolution. 
        Some celebrities vowed to leave the country if Trump won.  Considering who they were, I hope they keep their word.  There are many socialist countries they can choose from.
        There was a time when the Democratic Party was the pro-slavery party.  Later they were considered the working man’s party.  Neither is true today.  The Republican Party never was pro-slavery, but they were considered the party of the rich.  The truth is neither party has represented working America for decades.  
        Trump won last week.  The Republican Party was not the reason, but Trump helped a lot of Republicans to be elected.  Republicans may be getting the message that people are fed up with the political elite, big government, and elected officials that don’t represent working people.   
        I hope the Democrats get the message too, but I wouldn’t count on it yet.  Eight years ago when Obama was elected President, the Democrats also controlled Congress.  How has that worked out?  What have they done for the country besides doubling the debt?  I am not saying Obama was the only problem, but his legacy is gone.   
        Like Reagan, Trump was a Democrat when younger and now ran as a Republican, but he ran to represent all the people of this country.  He did not try to divide the country or make promises to any special interest group.  He is also not obligated financially to any special interest group or donor.  Trump is very unique.  He is an experienced manager and a deal maker.  He is in a good position to cross party lines and work for the people.  
        I wish Trump all the success this country deserves.  God bless America.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Today is Election Day. 

This is without question the most important election in my lifetime. 

This is not about whose team wins. 

This is not a sporting event. 

This election will determine the direction of this country for two or three generations.  It might not be possible to correct the direction. 

I will vote for the Constitution and the Republic. 

I will NOT be voting for more big government run by the political elite and big money. 

As President Lincoln said “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” 

In God we trust.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

First 100 Days

        I found Trump’s plan for his first one hundred days as President a positive plan:
1.      Appoint Supreme Court Justice that will uphold the Constitution and the laws of this country.  This seems pretty basic, but Hillary will appoint people that will legislate the progressive agenda from the court.  We would lose much more than our Second Amendment rights.
2.      Build a wall and address the problems associated with illegal immigration. This will help every aspect of our economy, but legal immigrants, blacks, and Hispanics will benefit the most. 
3.      Redo our trade deals so America is on a level playing field in order to create and save jobs at home.
4.      Cancel rules and regulations that send jobs overseas and put small businesses at a disadvantage.  Repeal every illegal Executive Order.
5.      Lift restrictions on energy production.  We must be energy independent. 
6.      Get rid of Obama Care.  The architects of this bill knew it could never work and lied to the American people.  I think their goal was, and is, total socialized medicine. 
7.      Pass tax reform that will promote the economy and give working Americans a break. Companies are moving over seas because we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world.  This must stop.
8.      Impose tough new ethic rules starting with the Secretary of State.  The world is laughing at us.  A Constitutional Amendment that will set term limits for Congress.  People leaving Congress should not be allowed to work as lobbyists. 
All of this sounds good to me.  Who would oppose these ideas?
·       The Political elite
·       The establishment - both Republican & Democrat
·       Career politicians
·       Big business
·       Big banks
·       Big government
·       Lame stream media

        Who will benefit?  Every citizen of this country except the above named.  I am fed up with our bloated and often corrupt federal government.  I will be voting accordingly on November 8, 2016.