Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Veterans & Military Thank President Trump

        All Veterans need to thank President Trump for improved health care for Veterans.  He has signed bills into law that fund giving veterans the option of going to a physician of their choice if they can’t get prompt service from the VA hospitals and clinics.  This change was long overdue.      
       Trump has also signed legislation that holds VA Health care providers accountable for their actions.  It is now much easier and quicker to fire someone.  Someone who is fired for cause will receive reduced severance benefits, and they will not receive any bonuses.  Whistle blowers are protected, and managers are encouraged and rewarded for addressing employees with poor performance or misconduct.  These changes are all long overdue. 
        Trump has also signed legislation to make it much easier for a veteran to get a review of his or her disability status.  This used to  take years to accomplish. 
        Anyone who supports our veterans agrees with these changes, so why didn’t they happen sooner?  This scandal first became public in 2013.  Did someone hate the military?  These changes have bi-partisan support, but it took President Trump to get it done. 
        Any Veteran who uses VA health services has to be grateful for President Trump.  The few veterans who still are bashing the President probably will refuse to use the VA medical care in protest.  If not, they are true hypocrites.
        Our active military is also very thankful to President Trump for building up our military, changing the rules of engagement, and most importantly, allowing military leaders to make real time decisions that allow our military to win.          Prior rules of engagement under both Obama and Bush did not let the military to do what was necessary to be effective.  This cost the lives of military personnel. 
        Having a President micromanaging military operations for political polls is crazy and costs lives.  This type of policy by Nixon probably lost the war in Vietnam when it could have been won with two offensive actions which were cancelled. 
        Why would a commander-in-chief not give the military less than the minimum tools required to achieve an objective?   What idiot tells the enemy when and how we are going to expand, advance, reduce, and withdraw military operations?  That is exactly what President Obama did and it cost lives.
        Our active and dedicated military thank God every day for President Trump.  God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Violent Protests

        I believe in law and order.  That is a simple and clear statement.  Of course, if it was President Trump making the statement, the lame stream media would make it a negative statement.  They would say he is condoning violence by some unnamed groups.  This is getting ridiculous. 
        Should I expand the statement to: I believe in law and order and anyone committing a violent act during a protest should be prosecuted?  The problem is, this statement will be slanted to only apply to one political side, or slanted to mean violent acts outside a protest are okay.
        Maybe I should say I believe in law and order and anyone on either side committing or advocating a violent act should be prosecuted.  That still wouldn’t be acceptable to the lame stream media because I didn’t mention any specific groups.  I think this is basically what President Trump initially said in reference to the problem in Charlottesville
        The media and the liberal left wanted Trump to name only specific right wing extremist groups like White Supremists.  The problem with this is it would exclude and condone violence by any other group in a protest.  That is what the left would like because they are passionate about their cause.
        The option might be to try to name all extremist groups that have been violent or promoted violence during a protest.  Let’s try that.  I condemn the Ku Klux Klan, Black Panthers, Muslim Brotherhood, White Supremists, Black Lives Matter, Neo-Nazis, Anti-Fascism, Wisconsin Education Association Council, Communists, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.  How many did I leave out?  Did some of those named offend anyone? 
        This is a no win situation.  The lame stream media and the Democratic Party’s only agenda is to hurt Trump. 
        Race relations have deteriorated more in the last eight years than they have for decades.  Politicians and special interest groups must stop dividing this country on race for political and personal financial reasons.  This has to stop for the good of the country.  We are all Americans.  Let’s act like it.   
        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sue the Republican Party?

         A class action law suit is being filed against the National Republican party to recover donations made under false pretenses.  In business, we are subject to litigation for damages if we take money under false pretenses.  All contracts must be honored or be subject to damages. 
        Disgruntled Republicans made donations to the party with the promise of repealing Obamacare.  That is not happening.  Republicans made many other promises like reducing the size of government and reducing taxes, and are not living up to their promises.  This legal action has no chance of success, but I hope it sends a message to our elected representatives in Congress.
        Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell criticized President Trump for being new to Washington and not knowing how democracy worked.  President Trump and a majority of the American people know exactly what is happening in Washington.  The Washington elite want business as usual.  It is time to drain the swamp and kick out all of the political elite like Mitch McConnell. 
        The time for term limits is long overdue.  We have to bring an end to the career Washington politician.  Too many of these people go into politics and become millionaires.  Something is wrong and it must stop.  
        I would join the class action suit against the Republican Party if I had given them a donation, but I have nothing to recover because I gave no money to the National Republican Party after Trump entered the presidential campaign.  I was appalled at the way the Republican Party treated Trump and I did give money to his campaign.  Republican politicians are just as afraid that Trump will drain the swamp as the Democrats, and I don’t blame them, but Trump can’t do it all by himself.  He has to have help from Congress. 
        Republicans and Democrats both better wake up.  The American people are fed up.  They want real change.  Don’t be fooled by the polls giving Trump a low approval rating.  These are the same polls that said he had zero chance of becoming President. 
        I am very happy with Trump’s performance at this point considering he is fighting parties, the media, and the lobiests.  Keep up the good work.       
        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017


        Most people select a business based on their perception of a product or service.  They may have prior experience in the business, or they just think the business would be fun, like turning a hobby into a business.  Or, they may have a perception of demand for the product or service based on their personal tastes.  This is what I call an Outside-In approach, which can lead a potential business owner down the path to failure.  A specific product or service should not be part of the initial screening process for selecting a business.
        I recommend an Inside-Out approach that matches your strengths, weaknesses, and resources, to a business model that can achieve your goals.  Many new businesses owners are not properly prepared for their role in operating a new business.  
        The saying, “Do what you know and love, and you will be a success,” is true only if you are talking about daily activity which has nothing to do with a product or service.  If you are not qualified for your daily role in a business, you will fail, or be very unhappy. 
        One example that guarantees failure is opening a coffee shop in a location where a coffee shop has already failed, expecting to succeed because you have a specific flavor of coffee to offer that you prefer.  Your personal taste will not guarantee success.  I’ve seen this and similar cases happen over and over again.  These failures can be prevented. 
        I often have friends and relatives ask me about a “Great Opportunity” they have discovered.  It is usually based on an activity or food they really enjoyed.  When they ask me what I think of this business idea, I can only respond, “For whom?”  No business is right for everyone, and any business can fail with the wrong owner.
        I wrote Business Fits because after years as an entrepreneur, small businessman, consultant, and coach, I realized that many entrepreneurs are not prepared for starting a business.  They didn’t know what they didn’t know.  They often picked a business for the wrong reasons.  No other book addresses this issue.
        Business Fits addresses all aspects of running a business.  I discuss how a business makes money and why some businesses are destined to fail.  I also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of new independent startups, buying an existing business, franchises, and other business opportunities. 
        Business Fits is available as an eBook or a paperback on Amazon.  To learn more about Business Fits: How to find the right business! Go to http://BusinessFits.com
        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Health Care Reform Dead?

        I keep hearing that Republicans were elected because they promised to repeal and replace Obamacare.  I disagree.  The majority of this country wants to repeal Obamacare so they can have affordable health care.  They don’t want to fix it, or replace it, or repeal it for two years.  They just want it gone. 
        I was very disappointed in the Republican Senators who voted to repeal Obamacare in the past and now voted against the repeal when we have a President who will sign the bill.  I hope Republicans put forward new candidates to replace these Senators, and will put in some who will actually work for making this country great again.
        The increased cost of health care was caused by medical insurance, the courts, and the government.  The government needs to stop making it worse.  We must have tort reform for malpractice suits.  We can’t mandate insurance that gives every special interest groups everything they want and not increase costs.
        There are things the government could do that would actually lower medical costs.  Make discounting of medical services illegal.  There is no reason an insurance provider should only pay 30% to 50% of what an individual without insurance would have to pay for the same service. 
        Tort reform would reduce malpractice insurance and medical costs.  Allowing medical insurance companies to sell across state lines would increase competition.
        Obamacare is a disaster and will implode.  What happens when all the insurance carriers pull out and people have no option except to pay the tax penalty?  Will it be repealed then, will the government waste our tax dollars to bale it out, or will we just have single payer insurance, which is what liberals want?  Single payer would mean we no longer have freedom of choice, and will have little control over our healthcare. 
        Medical providers will also be put in the position of doing every procedure and test or face a potential liability.  Nothing will be the choice of the patient.  Many medical providers will leave the system and not accept government payments.  Medical doctors in the system will be overwhelmed which will compound the problem.   
        Which disaster is coming if we don’t vote for a clean unconditional repeal of Obama Care?  None of the options are good. 
        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.