Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bumper Stickers

        Marla recently mentioned a very attractive new SUV she had seen in a parking lot.  She noticed it had a Trump sign on the back window.  She did not know who owned the vehicle, but commented on how brave they were to have a Trump sticker on the car. 
        We are supporters of Trump, but would not put a Trump sticker on our cars.  The risk of getting the vehicle keyed or damaged is just too high.  We don’t want to have to make paint repairs. 
        I live in Wisconsin and am an Iowa Hawkeye fan.  I have Hawkeye license plate frames on my car and a Hawkeye hitch cover.  I don’t have to worry about someone damaging my car for displaying my team loyalty.
        We have Trump yard signs out where we live.  These also have been vandalized and even run over with a vehicle.  My liberal neighbor across the street has several Democratic yard signs out including a Hillary sign.  They are never touched.  It only the liberals who are destructive.
        This same attitude applies to other political activities.  I have attended and spoken at Tea Party rallies.  When the rally is over, there is not only no damage, there is seldom a scrap of paper or cigarette butt left on the ground. 
        This is certainly not true with liberal protests.  Destruction of property is common.  We have even seen death threats here in Wisconsin at our state capital.  Sometimes paid protesters are brought in from outside the state to create problems. 
        Why do we put up with this double standard?  The same seems to be true for freedom of speech at many of our universities.  Conservative speakers are not invited or allowed to speak at some schools.  This is ridiculous and should not be tolerated for an institution of higher learning. 
        I have heard liberals justify their actions because they are so passionate about their cause or candidate.  Strong feelings do not justify unlawful actions.  Next month’s election is certainly the most important election in my lifetime, but I don’t break the law by damaging or threatening the opposition. 
        We have a federal government that is out-of-control.  Politicians and some celebrities believe they are above the law, while our personal freedoms are in jeopardy. Half the country seems to be more concerned about someone using a politically incorrect word that might offend someone, than the possibility of losing their freedoms.  
        I hope and pray we can change the direction of this country next month with our votes. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hayden Fry Dumpling

        For days, the number one story on the lame stream media was a tape of Trump using inappropriate language eleven years ago when he thought he was in a private setting.  Trump has apologized for the comments.
        With all the important issues facing this country, I can’t believe this even made the news.  Our country is in crisis caused by a wasteful, bloated, and in some cases a corrupt federal government.  We have serious problems with the economy, jobs, cities, drugs, trade, education, taxes, terrorism, government regulations, and illegal immigration.  At this point, with our country’s future at stake, who cares if Trump uses an offensive word? 
        This obsession with political correctness has reached the level of stupidity.  What man has not used offensive terms when they did not think any women were around?  Ladies, ask your husband or boyfriend.  If they say no, you better ask yourself what else they lie about. 
        I doubt that this is only a male phenomenon.  It could also occur when woman are alone.  I once ran a manufacturing plant.  The language in the production area got pretty rank, and the woman were just as bad as the men.  Of course, most of them never planned on running for political office. 
        To call Trump a Misogynist because of this language is ludicrous.   Actions speak much louder than words.  Look at how he has treated women in all his business dealings.  He has always treated woman fairly based on their job performance. 
        That is more than I can say about the Clintons.  Why do we make a big deal about offensive language and give a pass to lies, cover-ups, selling favors, and even criminal activities?  Our country and the media need to get their priorities straight. 
        I have two degrees from the University of Iowa and am an Iowa Hawkeye football fan.  Hayden Fry was a great collage football coach.  He totally turned around a football program without a hint of scandal.  More head coaches have come from Fry’s assistant coaches than any football coach in history. 
        A woman once yelled a comment to Hayden as the team was leaving the field after a game.  In the post game press conference, Coach Fry referred to the woman as a dumpling.  The liberal press immediately jumped all over this comment implying Fry’s coaching career was over because of him referring to this woman as a dumpling.
        At the next home game, more than 10,000 female fans were wearing buttons saying, “I’m a Hayden Fry Dumpling."  I hope and pray this country’s voters are as smart as the female Hawkeye football fans.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


        Oligarchy is a form of government where total control is held by a small group of people.  This group could be royalty, the wealthy, military, corporations, family, educators, religious, or some combination of these groups. 
        A good example is Muslim countries which are usually ruled by a dictatorship or a religious oligarchy.  It is naive to think we can establish a democratic republic like ours in a Muslim country.  That country will revert to a Dictatorship or a religious oligarchy. 
        We are so lucky that our Founding Fathers established the greatest democratic republic in the history of the world.  In spite of mankind’s faults, this form of government has served us well for over two hundred years. 
        The biggest problem of a democratic republic like ours is that it is the easiest form of government to peacefully and quietly overthrow.  It is very easy to evolve into an oligarchy, and then to socialism, and then to communism.  This change can be so gradual that people do not even realize it is happening until it is too late. 
        Once this change in government reaches a certain point, it is almost impossible to return to a democratic republic form of government without violence.  That is one of the reasons our Founding Fathers passed the Bill of Rights, which includes the right to bear arms.  All socialist and communist leaders know they must register and confiscate all private firearms as soon as possible 
        Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev knew this could easily happen in the United States.  In 1959 he said:

“Your children’s children will live under communism.  You Americans are so gullible.  No, you won’t accept Communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you finally wake up and find that you already have Communism.  We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

        According to the Pew Research Center, 73% of Americans said they trusted the government “most of the time” in 1958.  Today that number is only 19%.  What has happened? 
        Much of the world feels that our government is one of the most corrupt governments of all first world countries.  Politicians sell power and consider themselves above the law.
        In my blogs, I keep referring to the Political Elite that controls this county.  How close are we to becoming an oligarchy?  Can we reverse that trend in our government?  We have an opportunity in November.  It may be our last chance. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Stacked Deck

         I used to play a little poker.  I kept an eye out for a crooked game with a stacked deck, which would make it impossible win.
        When I watched the Presidential debate last week, I felt Trump was trying to win with a deck stacked against him.  I don’t think Trump lost any voters, but he probably didn’t win any either. 
        I am sick and tired of biased partisan moderators with stacked questions.  Lester Holt said he would not do any fact checking, but he did just that at least four times with Trump.  I give Trump credit for not letting him get away with it.  At least he did not roll over and play dead like Mitt Romney did in 2012.   Holt never once corrected Hillary even when she made obvious misstatement of facts like saying the murder rate in New York had continued to go down after Stop-and-Frisk was discontinued. 
        The questions were extremely biased.  Holt attempted to make Trump look like a racist and a sexist.  Hillary did an excellent job of baiting Trump, and unfortunately he took the bait.
        Trump’s tax returns were brought up implying he was hiding something.  He has produced complete, audited financial statements.  Anyone that has ever taken an accounting course knows these are much more comprehensive.  Trump probably has not paid taxes.  What idiot would pay taxes if they could legally avoid them?  We need a President that understands our tax laws if we are going to make them fair for the middle class.
        It is interesting that Holt never asked Hillary about her deleted e-mails, Benghazi, the Iran deal, the Clinton Foundation, or her lying to Congress proven by the FBI.  I think Trump was negligent in not bringing these issues up himself. 
        Maybe Trump was trying to follow debate rules.   I was on the debate team in high school, and as I remember the rules, Trump made an attempt to follow the rules, with the exception of interrupting Hillary several times.  Interrupting seems to be the new normal for political debates.  Unfortunately, Hillary and Holt made no attempt to follow the rules.
        I never wanted to play in a stacked-deck poker game and if I were Trump, I don’t know if I would want to participate in another rigged debate.  Trump probably does not have that option.  Public perception would be that he was afraid to debate her. 
        Trump must stop taking the bait to going on the defensive.  He must take the offensive.  Hillary has so many things he can bring up that it will be hard to choose.  The question is; do we want more corrupt big government or do we want change so the government represents the working people of this country?
        Hillary is very controlled.  One of the few times I have seen her show her true character was when she said, “What difference does it make?” when talking about the Americans that died in Benghazi.   Trump will probably not get Hillary to lose control and fight.  She will just stand there with that stupid fake grin.