Monday, March 25, 2013

Race Baiting Insanity

        I have commented on political argument tactics in the past.  I find it interesting how people with weak political arguments first try to ignore the facts, and then discount the facts, and then manufacture facts.  If all this fails, protesting and shouting down the competition is popular. 
        The next tactics are claiming sex or race discrimination.  This really makes me mad.  I have the right to disagree with a political policy and not be called a racist. 
        I would like to introduce a guest contributor who has written a series of seven booklets called Race Baiting Insanity.  This week, he is giving away the 7th booklet in the series for free, and invites you to claim your copy.  Here is D. Lee.

Race Baiting In America
The Ridiculousness Of The Modern Democrats

I was born about a decade after the Civil Rights Act was officially signed into law in 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson - a Democrat.  This legislation was called for by the previous President, John F. Kennedy - also a Democrat - during a speech that he gave from the Oval Office on June 11, 1963.  I find it very strange that in only 2 generations, the Democratic Party of the United States has gone from one of working to eliminate racial issues to one that accuses others of racial issues without cause, and even going so far as to fabricate lies out of whole cloth.

I began to notice race and race baiting when I really got interested in politics on a daily basis, which was a few years ago.  Often times I heard a story, and just couldn't believe what I was hearing.  That got me to dig deeper into the story, to learn if what I heard was correct.  What did I find?  I found that often, the story that I was getting from the mainstream media wasn't accurate.  In some cases, they were really stretching the truth to try to achieve a particular story angle or narrative.  And in at least one case, I found that things were entirely made up, bald-faced lies that were created in order to continue the narrative.  I was incensed, I was angry, and I needed to do something, but what?  Then, I had an epiphany:  I could write.

I chose to write my first non-fiction book, "Race Baiting In America: How The Left Use Race As A Means To Keep Power, Drive The Narrative, & Tear This Country Apart".  As I was making my way through it, I couldn't believe just how widespread this was, from the national media to politicians, celebrities and others.  They all were using race as a means to denigrate and diminish conservatives, to paint them as hillbillies and thugs, and to relegate their political position to the trash heap where they figured they belonged.  That just made me want to keep exposing them more.

Now, I've put together a series of booklets that continue to feature these problems and to call attention to them so that we can collectively tell these race-baiting jerks to "knock it off"!  In order to help get the word out to as many people as possible, I am making the 7th booklet FREE as a Kindle ebook this week.  I want to share this with you, and I ask that you share this with as many people as you can.  Post a link on Facebook, tweet like crazy, let your friends at work and in your neighborhood know, and have your family get a copy as well.  You'll be amazed at what you read, and hopefully you'll get angry like I did and decide to do something to help set the record straight.  The booklet is titled "Race Baiting Insanity, Volume 7: Academic Goals, "White Privilege", & The NRA".  It will be FREE on Amazon from March 25 through March 29, so you've got lots of time to tell as many people about it as you can.  The link to Amazon is below, and let's stop the Democrats and the Left from lying about things any more!

~D. Lee

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sequester and Budgets

We heard a lot about the approaching Dooms Day with the sequester cuts.  It does not seem too bad yet in spite of government seemingly making cuts in areas that will most immediately affect the public. 
Canceling White House tours is a ridiculous example to the point of being juvenile.  Thank goodness, a majority of the public is too smart to buy that BS.
What seems to be the problem with getting a budget?  There has not been a budget passed by congress in almost four years.  Some people have proposed members of Congress should not be paid if they can’t pass a budget.  That is not as crazy as it might sound.  If someone in the private sector of our country was that incompetent, they would be fired.  Why should Congress continue to get paid? 
Some people blame the President.  By law, he must present a budget to Congress between the first Monday in January and the first Monday in February.  He has not, but the White House says we should expect one sometime in April.  Why should we be surprised?  As Richard Nixon said, “It’s not against the law if the President does it.”  Apparently, Obama has some of the same philosophy as Nixon. 
President Obama has proposed budgets in the past.  In 2011 the final vote for his budget in the Senate was, 97 no and zero yes.  In 2012 the vote on his budget in the House was 414 no and zero yes.  He did achieve one of his campaign promises.  It was a bi-partisan decision. 
One thing that amazes me is the reaction to the budget proposed by the House and Paul Ryan’s budget committee.  It does not even balance the budget for ten years.  That means the debt will continue to increase for ten years.  I think this is too liberal, but the left says this is extremist conservative.  Every budget proposed by the left never balances the budget.  How can they call this a Balanced Approach to balancing the budget when it will never be balanced?
What is wrong?  Is there no common sense left in government?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Most Dangerous Weapon

There is a lot of talk recently about gun control, and I understand the emotion of wanting to protect innocent children.  What is the most dangerous weapon?  We hear talk about the assault weapons like the Bushmaster AR-15.  High capacity magazines are often blamed. 
Personally, I think the destructive killing power of a 12-gauge shotgun makes an assault rifle look pretty tame.  Should we ban shotguns too?
Maybe we should just concentrate on weapons that are easily concealed like handguns.  Should people be allowed to have concealed carry permits? 
I would like to suggest that none of these are the most dangerous weapon in our society today.  Let’s consider a real killer.  The cell phone is probably the biggest killer in our society today. 
Cell phones cause more death and destruction than any other weapon, tool or instrument in today’s society.  More people die from the use of cell phones in cars than from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Current reporting shows this in spite of the fact that most accidents caused by cell phones are not even reported. 
        Many people causing accidents because of using a cell phone are never ticketed, or are ticketed for Inattentive Diving.   One of my neighbors was rear-ended, when traffic stopped on I-35, by a woman doing 75 MPH and she never touched the brakes.  She caused a multiple car accident, but luckily no one was seriously hurt.  She was given a ticket for inattentive driving.  What a joke. 
        Most of us know of people that have lost their lives because of cell phones.  A drunk driver who kills someone might serve decades in jail, but someone who causes a death while using a cell phone probably will get off with a minor fine. 
        Watch other drivers on the road.  When you see erratic diving, it is probably someone on a cell phone.  I use to think an erratic driver was probably intoxicated.  Now it’s usually a cell phone. 
You better drive defensively because they’re not.  I have personally been run off the road and had several other close calls caused by people on cell phones.
        Don’t think texting while driving is the only problem.  Most tests and studies show that even talking on a hands-free phone is comparable to driving drunk.  Do you think you are an exception?  Bull Shit.  Don’t kid yourself. 
I am one of the best multi-taskers I know, and I can’t talk on the phone and drive attentively.  I have never seen anyone who could.
        I recognize the danger of inattentive driving.  Any distraction for even a moment can be a life and death distraction.  Cell phones are not the only cause of inattentive driving.  Reading, reaching for something, lighting a cigarette, or changing a CD can be a killer, but cell phones are the real killer. 
        Why don’t we forget about new gun control legislation that has zero chance of being effective and do something about a real killer like cell phones.  Maybe all cars and trucks should have a jamming device to make cell phones inoperable.  That could really save the lives of some innocent children. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Political False Logic

I find logic very interesting.  We have all had the test questions like:  A football is a ball, and a baseball is not a football, so a baseball is not a ball.  This is an example of false logic. 
Political false logic is subtler.  Political logic usually uses a false premise.  If we don’t question that false premise, the logic appears sound.
I stopped at a local bar for beer and popcorn a few months back.  I sat next to a slight acquaintance at the bar.  We started a conversation.  The conversation eventually got around to politics.  This individual seemed intelligent and relatively well informed. 
The conversation was interesting and civilized until it got around to the recall of Governor Walker.  Logic and facts ceased as soon as I said I was opposed to the recall.  He was now loud, and interrupted anything I tried to say.  He had now determined that I was against educating children and helping the poor.  He continued to shout this at me. 
The Walker recall had been initiated by the Wisconsin Education Association Council, which is better know as WEAC.  WEAC is the public sector teachers union in Wisconsin.  Governor Walker proposed changes that took power away from the union.
This individual had associations with and sympathy for teachers.  He made the assumption WEAC was working in the best interests of teachers.  He then made the questionable assumption that WEAC was working in the best interests of educating the children. 
Since I supported Governor Walker, he made the leap to saying I was against educating children and helping the poor.  Even with the false premise, I am not sure how he made the leap to saying I was against helping the poor, but that is political logic. 
The fact of the matter is that I am very much in favor of educating our children and helping the poor.  I am opposed to the failed federal policies in both areas over the past decades. 
Look at what has happened to our schools.  My personal gripe is the lack of teaching civics and accurate American history.  There has been a steady decline in education by many standards since the sixties as the federal government has become more involved, and as public sector unions have become more powerful and political.  Neither are necessarily bad or the cause of the decline, but we need to give the control of our schools back to the states and the people. 
Helping the poor is the same situation.  What the federal government is doing is not working.  Look at urban areas like Detroit.  We have to do something different. 
Einstein’s definition of insanity is, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  We have to do something different.  Just throwing more federal money at a problem is not a solution.  Giving power back to the states and the people worked in the past.  Let’s reduce the size and interference of the federal government.