Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Get Out of the Way

        The people of this country elected Donald Trump President.  They agreed with his agenda.  They didn’t elect a Republican or a Democrat.  They elected Trump.
        Politicians in Washington DC need to recognize this fact.  The people want to drain the swamp.  They are tired of the political elite doing business as usual.  They are tired of partisan politics, growing government, earmarks and deal making.  They are tired of organizations like the FBI and IRS having political agendas.  It has to stop.  Politicians that don’t recognize this will be gone.  They need to start doing their job or get out of the way. 
        The people of this great country recognize the liberal left, the lame stream media and the Hollywood celebrities for the idiots they are. Not all are idiots.  Some are doing it for personal financial gain.  Al Sharpton is a great example.  He promotes racial unrest for personal reasons.  He has to know he is hurting the black community and the country, but he doesn’t care.
        The Democratic Party seems to have no agenda except to obstruct Trump.  They don’t care if they protect political felons or hurt the country in the process.  I don’t know if the party can survive if they don’t change and start serving the people.   
        The Republican Party is almost as bad at obstructing President Trump.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and US Attorney General Jeff Sessions are just three examples of Republicans who need to start doing their job or get out of the way.  
        On the world stage, The United Nations needs to start doing their job or get out of the way.  This organization has been controlled by a lot of corrupt third world, dictators.  This has to change.  We don’t need a world government and worldwide wealth distribution.  We need world peace.  The UN may have to go the way of the League of Nations if it doesn’t do its job.  The United States cannot continue to fund it if it doesn’t shape up.
        We have a serious problem with Iran and North Korea that the last three Presidents (Obama, Bush & Clinton) all refused to deal with.  All three just kicked the problem down the road or made it worse.  President Trump has now clearly established himself as the world’s leader.  He will deal with the problem. 
        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

             Immigrants built this great country, so where have we gone wrong?  What we are doing certainly is not working.
        The first mistake was the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.  The first part of this Amendment gives citizenship to anyone born in this country.  The intent was to give the children of slaves citizenship.  Current liberal interpretation gives citizenship to the children born in this country to parents who are illegal immigrants.  If the children are US citizens, deporting the parents now breaks up the family.  This interpretation promotes and encourages illegals to come to this country to give birth. 
        Congress and the President have given amnesty to illegal immigrants in the past along with the promise of securing our boarders and enforcing our immigration laws.  Neither has happened.  We are clearly encouraging additional illegal immigration.
        The current political controversy with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is a classic example of poor government decisions in the past.  These kids are referred to as Dreamers.  Most people do not want to deport them at this time, but why were they allowed into the country in the first place and why were they allowed to stay?  If they are granted citizenship or amnesty at this time, it will only encourage future illegal immigration of children.  There is already an increase in illegal children coming into the country because of DACA. 
        The DACA program was an executive order and is obviously unconstitutional.  The only option President Trump had was to send it to Congress. That does not mean he wants to deport the Dreamers.  This may be the only home they have ever known.  There is also a problem deporting their illegal parents as that will break up the family.
        Building the wall and securing our borders is an essential first step in solving our illegal immigration problem.  If the Dreamers or other illegal immigrants are given a path to citizenship, it must be guaranteed this is the last time and it will never happen again under any circumstances.
        We must also guarantee that allowing the Dreamers to stay does not lead to a chain reaction of allowing other illegal immigrants to stay in this country.  We must enforce or change our immigration laws.  The Executive Branch of our government does not have the legal option of selecting which laws they want to enforce. 
        Sanctuary cities must stop encouraging illegal immigration.  A sanctuary city by definition is illegal under our Constitution.  Withholding federal funds is a first step, but some city officials should go to jail, as they are committing a felony.
        How did this country ignore our laws and Constitution regarding immigration for so long that created this mess?   We created the problem and have to learn from the past.  It is time for some real change in government.  It is time to build a wall and drain the DC swamp.  That is why the people elected Donald Trump President.
        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.    

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Reinvent the Wheel

        Most people have heard the saying “Reinvent the wheel”, and understand that this is a huge mistake in business.  Why do so many people continue to make that very mistake?  
        I was playing golf last week with an individual who owned and operated a successful business for seventeen years.  He sold the business about a decade ago.  The business has been sold several times since and is currently for sale again.  It probably has not made any money since he owned it. 
        Every new owner of this business has made dramatic changes to improve the business.  None of which has improved the bottom line.  The amazing thing is that none of the new owners have contacted the individual who successfully owned and operated the business for seventeen years.  Why did they try to reinvent the wheel?  In many cases, it is smart to hire the previous owner to stay on as a consultant for a period of time. 
        People who want to go into business for themselves have several options.  They can start a business from scratch which has the highest failure rate, or they can buy an existing business, buy a franchise, or buy some other business opportunity. 
        Most people buying an existing business want a successful business and should not try to reinvent the wheel.  The business was successful for a reason.  The other option is buying a business that is on its last legs and turning it around.  That is what I did when I bought the Ford-Mercury dealership I mention in Business Fits.
        Be careful with business opportunities as they are not regulated and may be too good to be true.  Some are just scams. 
        A franchise is a good option as they are highly regulated and you get a proven business system.  Be prepared to follow the system and don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  There is a saying for new franchisees, “Spare us your brilliance for the first year.”
        Politics goes to the other extreme.  Unlike private business that must make a profit, the federal government just continues down the wrong path increasing spending, debt, and taxes.  Government’s solution to every problem is to throw more money at alleviating the symptoms and never addressing the cause of the problem.  As a result, the problem gets worse and they still throw more money at it.  I won’t go into specifics, but I can’t think of a single political issue where this is not true. 
        We have to learn from the past.  It is time to drain the DC swamp.  God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Good Neighbors

        Hurricane Harvey was a terrible natural disaster.  It will take Texas many years and a lot of help to recover. 
        A disaster like this does a couple things.  It shows how ridiculous it is for some people to think we can control nature and climate change.  We can prepare and we can pray, but we can’t control nature. 
        It also shows how good people are.  Everyone works together.  Race, religion, sex, and politics don’t play a role.  Of course, in the mist of it all, the lame stream media has to make a big deal out of what shoes the first lady wears.  At least she has some class.
        I heard a political commentator on TV say he had not seen private citizens and government work together this well before.  This commentator probably was from New York or Washington DC and not the Midwest or he would have not made this comment. 
        On May 16 of this year a F3 tornado came through where I live.  This tornado was ¼ to ½ mile wide and was on the ground continuously for eighty-three miles.  The eye of the tornado passed a half mile north of our house.  Some of our neighbors were hit hard.  Many are still rebuilding. Thankfully, there was only one death. 
        Immediately after the tornado passed, private citizens started working to get the roads cleared to the damaged areas.  Soon other help arrived.  Individuals, businesses, churches, utilities, towns, cities, and the county all pitched in to help.  There was no discussion about who had authority.  Natural leaders immerged to take control, and everyone worked together.  I love this county.
        Individuals, relief agencies, the private sector and government at all levels are working together to rebuild after Harvey.  The federal government seems to being doing a better job than it has during and after any disaster in history.
        Thank God for a President that actually has management experience, knows how business works, and knows how to build things.  God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.