Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Trump is No Politician

        Donald Trump had never run for office before and he didn’t fit the profile of a career politician.  The Washington DC insiders complain he does not know how government works.  I think he has a great understanding of how things worked in the past and hopes to drain the swamp.
        People say he has no experience in government.  That may be true, but he has more management experience than any President in a hundred years, with the possible exception of President Eisenhower. 
        The liberal left says Trump has a history of not telling the truth.  I am not sure how that idea has any merit.  He says what he thinks and does what he says.  That is part of why he gets in trouble with the media.  Trump is totally transparent.  He does not worry about being politically correct.  The media reads something negative into everything he says.  Trump doesn’t have hidden meanings like most career politicians.
        The lame stream media is totally out of control.  They have no problem fabricating news stories about trump.  There have been more retractions about “mistakes” the media has made covering Trump in eleven months than there were about Obama in eight years.  There is no way this fake news can be called mistakes. 
        An even bigger problem is that the liberal left only remembers the fake news and not the retraction.  They only want  to hear what fits their agenda and are willing to ignore the facts.
        Trump is very a untraditional politician because he refuses to be beholden to any campaign donors.  Since he is not obligated to any special interest groups, he can actually work in the best interests of all the citizens of this great sovereign republic.
        Trump tries to keep his campaign promises.  I can see why this kind of radical behavior is disliked by most career politicians.  How dare he?
        Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a great example.  The three previous Presidents all promised to do this, but none of them kept their promise.  It has created some controversy, but maybe it is time to shake things up.  Peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine have not made any progress in decades. 
        Trump is also unique as a politician because he puts the people of this great country above the Party.  He ran as a Republican, but is not a party-line politician.  I can see why so many Republican politicians try to undermine his efforts.     The current Democratic Party would fight Trump at every turn even if he found a cure for cancer.  They have to get over the fact that Hilary lost and start working for the people they represent.

        God bless President Trump and guide him to make America great again.


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  1. one of your best posts. What you say is true. I am so sick of so many people hating our country
    because of: political correctness which really means do as I say not do as I do, & so many pathetically poor losers in the liberal party (really people that want to break America’s back! why don’t they leave America & find another country to try & bully).